I always said that if I owned a bar or coffee shop, I’d name it “Strictly Locals”. I’ve had a flair for local living since I saw my first local band play when I was 15 years old. Since then, I’ve grown to love my local culture – the beauty of the scenery and architecture, local business (especially the restaurants), and how the people of my home state come together to help each other out.

Since I don’t have the cash flow to open my own bar or shop, we’re using this blog here to have our “bar speak”. However, instead of hitting on random strangers, it’s going to be a little more friendly and helpful. We’re going to be talking about products (hello reviews!), recipes, businesses, cleaning tips, health, pop culture, random odds and ends, and life in general! Hopefully with my own little comedic spin – I’ve been told I’m hilarious, I beg to differ. I’m not hilarious, more like I have a warped sense of dark humor sprinkled with sarcasm.

I hope you guys enjoy! It’s my dream to be able to build Strictly Locals into something amazing in time! Just to clarify, you don’t have to be a local, but a lot of my posts are going to be dealing with local life and I hope that you feel like a local in reading this!