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It’s All About That Right Wedding Music

My husband and I got married back in October. To this day, people are still talking about my wedding playlist and asking how we came up with such an eclectic assortment. I didn’t want the norm, I can tell you that much. I didn’t want to be a cookie cutter bride with everything looking like I bought it at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. In fact, I made the majority of my centerpieces. I had a Disney themed wedding, each table with a different Disney movie or park attraction theme. I had no bridesmaids or groomsmen but a single flower girl who wore a sweet simple pink dress and a floral and wire Mickey ear headband that I had made. My husband’s tie clip had a hidden Mickey on it. My husband was a very sweet sport about it, considering all little girls start planning their wedding from childhood and we all have a vision of what we want. As long as we took our honeymoon at the beach, anything for the wedding was free game.

The “Sit Around and Wait” Music

I am not one of those people who is going to make people sit for God knows how long listening to classical music. A boring sonata or two may have given people the impression that this was an uptight, elegant affair. What better way to give people a glimpse into the theme and suck them in than having this music that’s normally boring and stuffy turn into music that played on my theme? I opted to have classic Disney tunes on piano play.

Parents Processional

My father in law walked my husband’s stepmother in, my nephew walked my mother and my mother in law in to “When You Wish Upon a Star”. At the beginning of all Disney movies, they play a rif from this song while you see the Tinkerbell and Cinderella’s Castle. I knew it was perfect and sweet and went along with the theme.

Flower Girl Processional

I wanted my flower girl to have a sweet special moment to herself. I had her walk down the aisle to an instrumental version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Why you may ask? This one had special meaning to me and my husband. One of my favorite movies of all time is The Wizard of Oz. When my husband officially asked me to be his girlfriend, he took me out to dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in all of Charleston. When we went home, we cuddled up and watched The Wizard of Oz and during the movie, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend (aaaawwwwwww!!!!!) So it was very important to me to have this song in our wedding.

The Bride Processional

I’ve never been one to conform to traditional in what people would probably expect. I was not walking down to the damn wedding march or Cannon D. Nope, not me. I’ve been to too many weddings where that has been the song of choice and the majority of them have ended up with people being miserable or just ended. I chose to go with a song, written by my first love George Harrison, that has often been said to be “the most romantic song a man could sing to a woman” and man do I agree! I didn’t want words sang though as I walked down the aisle because what happens if I start singing??? What happens if I end on a weird part of the song??? We didn’t do a rehearsal so I wasn’t chancing weird things happening. Instead what I got was a sweet moment with me and my dad. I tried not to cry, and I didn’t get teary eyed until he gave me away and gave my hand a firm squeeze before he sat down (and QUE the waterworks now as I write this!)

The Recessional Music

There’s that “send off” moment when everything is said and done and you’re now legally wed and you just need a song that ‘gets’ it. This song for me was “Cupid” by Sam Cooke. I remember watching Innerspace when I was younger and having such a crush on Dennis Quaid (don’t act like you didn’t for a minute either). He was so handsome, and the moment this song starts playing and his towel gets caught in the cab door and he’s left to stand in the middle of the road naked while his true love leaves :::sigh::: but I feel like this song kind of resonated with me and my husband. When we met, I wasn’t looking for a relationship and I was very naive on picking up on those “Hey, I really like you” signs he was laying down. I almost feel like he said a little prayer to Cupid for me to get it.

Announcing the Bridal Party

Yeah, I went a little hipster I quess with this. “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars is just FUN and it’s like “Hell YEAH” we’re about to have a great time!!!! That and the fact that our parents are in their 50’s-70’s made it that much more hilarious on my part to see them enter with this. Oh yeah, and my dad also got a little preview of the music and did a hilarious little jig to this on his front porch, so, yeah, it just had to happen because that’s all I was going think about when this song played.

Bride and Groom Entrance Music

Did I really Rick Roll my wedding? Depends on how you look at it. “Never Gonna Give You Up” is actually mine and my husband’s song! Who knew right?! Where did we come up with that song???? Well, we were watching Family Guy one night and it was when Peter and Lois meet and go to the dance at the country club and it’s a very Back to the Future type of moment. It dawned on me while they’re talking about “songs” that me and my husband didn’t have a “song”. I didn’t know if people even still had “songs”. Brian is starts belting out Rick Astley and my husband lovingly says “that’s it!” What????? Really??? YES!!!! I loved this song since my childhood and he liked it too and it just made sense. 80’s one hit wonder becoming our song? Done…

First Dance

Anyone who knows me, knows my life long obsession with David Bowie and Labyrinth is REAL. Like, I watch that movie at least 10 times a year, I have a Jarreth doll, I wore out my VHS copy, the soundtrack was the first CD I ever owned, the nickname for my dog is Lady Dinnimus because she looks a little like Sir Dinnimus. She just does… I had also recently turned my husband onto David Bowie as he believes Lazarus is one of the best, trippiest music videos he’s ever seen. It just made sense that our first dance had to be to “As the World Falls Down” by David Bowie.

Father Daughter Dance

Get me right in the feels with a special wedding moment. Here in West by God, a lot of girls choose overly sappy songs like “Butterfly Kisses” or some sad as hell country song that will make most guests slit their wrists with rusty spoons and hang themselves by their burlap table runners. Again, not me! I didn’t pick out my Father Daughter dance song, my daddy did and I think that it has soooo much more meaning that way. His song of choice was “Pretty Maids In a Row” by The Eagles. Honestly, I think he chose this song because we both love The Eagles and because it has lyrics such as “why must we grow up so fast?” “and the story book comes to a close, gone are the ribbons and bows”.

Mother Son Dance

My husband is not big on this kind of stuff, he’s not big on dancing, sappy songs, or anything that is traditional wedding. I played him 100s of songs and the one we settled on was “In My Life” by The Beatles. We’re both fans of The Beatles, and let’s be real, it’s just a good song.


I did do corny with my Cake Cutting song, not going to lie. I like Maroon 5, I like happy sweet poppy goodness. I just think of weddings when I hear “Sugar” by Maroon 5. So I chose this song, it was our cake cutting song, and months later is when my husband tells me he hates Maroon 5…

Bouquet Toss

Most people would choose “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” or “Single Ladies”. I love me some Cyndi Lauper. I hate Beyonce. That’s right. I said it. I think Beyonce is overrated, overhyped, and I just can’t. “Single Ladies” reminds me of being in my 20’s and watching lonely single girls feel better about themselves. Not my cup of tea. Instead, I went with “John Wayne” by Lady Gaga. My mother pointed out that this song really don’t have anything to do with being single or whatever, but I didn’t care. I wanted “Move Bitch” by Ludacris and she told me it was too vulgar. She never really listened to the lyrics to “John Wayne”, but to me it described how I felt when I met my husband. I was sick of the everyday guys because they had been all the same and now I have my wild as hell husband who knows no fear is forever keeping me on my toes. Like when we ended up at the hospital getting his face stitched up on Easter… or when I come home and he’s bought a $550 weight set… constant surprises. All girls want that right?

Garter Toss

How can you have a “sexy” moment in a wedding and have it NOT include Prince??? Is it even a wedding if Prince doesn’t play??? I don’t think so. So not only did we have Prince, but it was “Kiss” because of course it was. Do I really even have to explain in depth why you need Prince in your wedding? Didn’t think so..

Sweet Moments

When planning your wedding, people will tell you it goes by fast, and they’re not kidding. I feel like there was half of a room of people I didn’t get to talk to, my grandfather snuck out at some point and I don’t know when that happened, people will pull you in 5,000 different directions for photos and event moments, and speeches and people don’t want to stay at a wedding for the full 6 hours you paid for the DJ. So you need to take a few moments to yourself and those you love. I did this with a few songs. One was “September” and “Land Down Under” for my oldest nephew because they are inside jokes between the two of us and that child decided he was “too old” to dance at a wedding with his aunt.

Another moment that I loved is when my aunt and I hit the dance floor to “Marry Me” by Dolly Parton. It was the only country song that played and I know it came out of NO WHERE for people so let me explain. My original theme for my wedding was kind of like a Sweet Home Alabama feel. My grandmother, who unfortunately passed before I got married, introduced me to Dolly Parton and we loved watching her movies so Dolly has a special place in my heart.

Another band that I absolutely love is Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks is my inner witchy gypsy soul come to life. I love her version of “Crystal” that she did for Practical Magic and when that song came on, I found my husband and pulled him to the dance floor and made him dance with me because I felt like after all of the photos and little traditional wedding get together times, that we had not spent our reception together at all. I needed my husband and I needed him with my Stevie

So there you have it. My wedding soundtrack. I hope that answers some questions for those who have asked, inspires some who are freaking out over these details, and makes those of you who weren’t there feel like you were.


You Will Never Have a Non-Issue Wedding

When all little girls begin planning their wedding in their toddler days with a pillow case on the back of their head as a veil, they never imagine all of the issues that could arise.

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When women get engaged and begin sharing their news and photos of the ring with loved ones near and far, they never imagine all of the issues that could arise.

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I have determined that no matter how prepared you think you are with your wedding planning – even if you’ve hired an event planner – you will still have issues that you never in a million years expected. Things will be much harder than you anticipated and the best advice anyone can have is to “breathe”.

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I recently got married and the day of the wedding, no one knew what all issues had come up or that there was ever a problem to be had. I did not have an expensive extravagant wedding. It was low-key, less than 100 guests, and low-cost too, but it was sweet and personal and that’s what weddings should be.

So, what could have gone wrong during such a small intimate affair?

  1. Save the Date Curse – I picked out my Save the Dates, had them printed, they were beautiful and simple and in my wedding colors. We had gone over the guest list what seemed like 100 times. As soon as I put my Save the Dates in the mailbox, it was like it cursed people’s relationships. Several relationships, including my cousins, imploded for one reason or another – cheating, boredom, both… some of it was heartbreaking, some of it was drama, and some of it was probably for the best. However, what’s a person to do when they’ve invited both partners and they’re no longer together? You break a “wedding etiquette” rule and you have to pull the invite from one or both parties. It may be rude, but when you’ve shelled out a lot of money on the biggest day of your life, you don’t need someone else’s drama looming over top or causing an issue for anyone. Image result for break up gif
  2. Minister Mishap – When it came time to choose someone to marry us, I went to a friend who was ordained. They knew us both and I thought they would be perfect to do so. What I got in return was a bunch of questions: what are the colors, the theme, the required attire, and if their significant other I had never met was invited. Hm, ok, a simple yes or no would have worked, but I told them to take a few days and get back to me. The very next day my future mother in law asked for us to get married by an actual minister from a church – not someone ordained from the internet. That seemed to be doable considering my friend never (I repeat, never even to this day) told me if they would do it. We received the names of 3 different ministers who might be able to marry us and not.a.single.one contacted us back even if it was just to tell us they couldn’t/wouldn’t – not very Christ like if you ask me. My sister had a friend at work who was ordained and said she could marry us. 3 weeks before our wedding she tells us, she’ll be out-of-town, so she gave us the name and number of someone else who could possibly marry us and her response was, “uh, yeah, I can if no one else will”. Seriously?! Is that something a bride wants to hear? Someone basically saying that they have no desire to do it? I was in tears on my bed and my loving fiance wasn’t having that so he picked up the phone and started making calls. By some grace of God, one of his nearest and dearest friends who lives out-of-state had to be ordained for their job on their military base and was able to do our wedding. Not only was he available and legally able to do it, but he said “I’d be honored” and that meant the world to me and I bawled my eyes out with happy tears. All of the disappointments along the way, led us to the perfect person to marry us. A friend, a true friend, who knew us, made it personal and became a little wedding planner in his own right. Image result for priest gif Image result for priest gif
  3. Freakin’ Florists – I originally planned on using the same florist who put together my grandmother’s funeral flowers. However, at some point between my grandmother’s funeral and the wedding planning period, this woman had lost it – became a cougar and lost control of her business. People often didn’t get their flowers, or they’d get someone else’s flowers, no bill and then received it months later with huge late fees. I just couldn’t trust that this woman could pull through. A friend had suggested one of her family member’s so I went to their shop and I should have just turned around and left. There wasn’t a single flower to be had but just a bunch of primitive knickknacks and a tanning salon. When I finally got to speak with her, I expressed I didn’t want anything that was in the FTD books, I had ideas with me and wanted something different. She took pictures of what I wanted and stated she’d have to put some things together and the price would be based off of the flowers that she used. 2 months went by, 2 moons had passed and I hadn’t heard a word from her so I went to a different florist. This woman sat down and talked with me, took notes, made copies of my flower inspiration photos and everything. She asked me how many grandmother corsage I was going to need and not being prepared for such a question as I no longer have either one of my grandmothers, I cried – I cried in the flower shop. I was quoted a price and the shop was paid that day. The shop wasn’t open on Sundays (which is when my wedding was set to happen) and we had discussed meeting early in the morning to pick up the flowers the day of the wedding. I called the Friday before and was told that there was no order for me. Are, you, freaking, kidding me!? No flower order? For flowers I had already paid for??? At that point I was about to cry on the phone and the owner told me not to cry, she was going to make it right. What would have happened had I not called???? I would have been flower-less. When I did receive my flowers, they weren’t what I had wanted, but they were pretty except for some huge gaudy bows. Like sheer ribbon bows the size of Texas on my bouquet and on the handles of my flower girl basket. I was ripping off bows 2 hours before my wedding before I would let flowers be photographed. Image result for florist gif
  4. That Tech Didn’t Nail It – I had taken Friday before my wedding off work. I needed to get my nails done, meet with our minister, and pack all of centerpieces up so yeah, work was the last thing I was thinking of. I go to a place I normally go to get my nails done because it was close to home. I got there close to opening and had to wait to be seen, but whatever. I wrote myself in for a mani/pedi and selected my toe nail color. I was going to do blue as one of my wedding colors was blue and I thought it could be a cute “something blue” but then I saw *the* color, “Mimosas for the Mr. and Mrs.” by OPI. Done deal. I went to the blessed massage chair and got comfortable when a nail tech I had never had sits in front of me and asks me if I wanted her to trim my toenails. “No, ma’am please don’t touch the talons. At the same time don’t buff the centaur boots I call feet either, considering that you’re asking me if I want you to actually do the service I’m paying for.” Whatever. I let her do her thing which quite honestly was probably 50% focused on me and 50% focused on The Price is Right which was playing on the TV beside of us. I was texting people and coordinating things and answering 1000 questions, I honestly wasn’t paying attention to her. It wasn’t until on my honeymoon that I noticed that she hadn’t painted the nail to the edge and had only put one coat on my baby piggies.  So, forward to her asking me what I want done to my nails. “Well, they’re jacked looking so I will need tips, I *hate*the harsh white line of traditional French tips so I want them ombred”. I did not think that this would be a huge ordeal honestly. It seemed like a simple request. I had never had my nails ombred, but the owner had just done an ombre set on the girl before me so I knew that they knew what I was talking about. I just had never had anything like that done before so I didn’t know what to expect. Everything was going pretty normal until she started slapping white polish in a very aggressive way on the tips. Seeing as how I had no clue how the ombred effect was achieved, I just assumed that this was normal. Nope, nothing normal other than she was giving me a normal basic blah harsh white tip. She started cleaning up the polish into a harsh line and I spoke up and said, “ok, so when does the ombre happen”. She sheepishly looked up from my nails and told me that she (wish I was lying) zoned out on what she was doing and in order to do an ombred look she would have had to do something completely different from what she had done and so now I have this, but not to fret because she was going to be putting a thick line of glitter between the white and the pink. Um…. NO! I just told you I hate white tips and you’re giving me harsh white tips and drawing even more attention to it by throwing glitter, the HERPES of the crafting world on my nails… I’ve shown you a photo of what I’m paying for my nails to look like and you’ve offered me the glitter white tips of a stripper named Cinnamon. I then sat there while she tried to fix the error. 3 hours later I finally left the nail salon, pissed off, not relaxed, angry that I was still charged full price for all of the crap I had to sit through, my nails still weren’t to my liking, and the acrylic was over shot on a nail or two so I had to go home and FILE my nails that I just had done so they wouldn’t be digging into the flesh of my finger. Lesson learned, I will continue to only get SNS gel nail dips done at the salon near my work I had my engagement nails done at. Image result for nails gif
  5. The Walking Undependable – There are some people that you just can’t depend on… or you can depend on them to be undependable, so take that however you want to. I was very thankful for those who gave up their Saturdays to help me decorate. Lord knows I needed a young priest and an old priest to just calm my mother down. However, there were people who said from day one that they would help and they were no where to be found, instead, calling and saying “oh, but I need to do this today… sorry..” you’re not sorry, you had something else you wanted to do instead of owning your word to someone. My mother screamed and cussed people out that day and I still have yet to figure that out because it was the people who actually showed up to help. She over reacted and became very dramatic. So much in fact that I just couldn’t deal and began to feel physically nauseous (actually that’s my new response to people being overly dramatic for no damn reason in my presence, I want to throw up). My mother also took on so much that I asked her not to that she became overwhelmed and had a lot of freakouts. I should be use to this. It happens at every family gathering we have. With that being said, please understand how much I love my mommy and that anything I’ve said here, I said it to her face awhile ago. At least she’s dependable right? Related image
  6. Rain on the Parade – A week out, my outdoor wedding forecast showed it would be 75 degrees, sunny but with cloud coverage (which the photographers said was the optimal weather situation for photographing an outdoor wedding. 6 days out that changed to a slight chance of rain to 100% chance of rain all day. It rained when I got up, it rained when I got my hair done, it rained when I got ready, it rained during my first look photos, and it rained during the ceremony that we had to move into the reception space. I was so upset about the rain in the days leading up to the wedding, but they day of, I didn’t care. Was it what I had envisioned? Nope. Not at all. By the time the wedding day rolled around, the only thing that mattered was that I was marrying my best friend and anything else seemed trivial.Image result for wedding rain gif
  7. People Will Make it All About Them – I said if anyone got engaged at my wedding, I would purposely give birth at their baby shower, or die at their funeral, ya know, whichever. I can’t stand people who try to take everything away from someone else. No matter what, someone will try. Whether it’s an outfit that draws all sorts of attention, someone gets sloshed drunk, ruins photos or photobombs every freakin picture you’ve paid to have taken, or tries to do so insensitive that no one believes it when you share the story because it’s just too much. It might be a friend, it may end up being a family member, but be aware and forwarned that someone will do *something*, can’t say what because it’s different for everyone. Image result for selfish gif Image result for selfish gif Image result for selfish gif
  8. Missing FOB – My wedding was due to start in meer minutes. I had taken first looks, everyone was getting lined up, my mouth was crazy dry, and I was getting nervous (mainly that I would do something stupid like lock my knees and end up passing out during my vows or something). That’s when someone has to tell me that my father is not there. He had driven back to the house because he thought he left the garage door open and should be on his way. Not only was it the Father of Bride that was MIA, it was my brother, and my nephew who was escorting my mom and mother in law down the aisle. No wedding has *ever* started on time. If you find yourself in a similar situation, realize it’s normal and everyone *WILL* wait on you because you *ARE* the bride.  Image result for father of the bride gif

At the end of the day, everything was fine. We were married, it’s legal, I’m a wife, and I’m married to my best friend (I’ll write another blog on why I truly think that everything out there who says your husband shouldn’t be your BFF is wrong in my humbled opinion). I got to have my first dance to David Bowie, I got to dance with my father, the rain was only like an annoying misty type rain, everyone raved about the decor of my Disney themed wedding and how my wedding was just perfect – they laughed they cried it was laid back and everyone enjoyed themselves. My husband is stuck with me until death do we part.

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